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What inspires you to be healthy? What’s the dark side of letting your body image encompass your identity? How do you feel about thirst traps and naked torsos on Instagram and Grindr? Ben and Tommy answer listener questions regarding self care, sex parties with strict body requirements, body image on social media, and their personal relationships to female bodies.


Tommy opens up about ageism and feeling invisible in the gay community. The guncles share advice on how to be in touch with your body. Ben shares personal life-hacks for wellness, like using a habit-tracker journal.


For “Gauntie of the Week”, Tommy presents Mexican-American lesbian photographer Laura Aguilar. Laura wrestled with auditory dyslexia, obesity, and fitting in with the Lesbian and Chicana communities. She transformed her challenges into evocative art that highlights the underrepresented.


  • Somatics

  • Alexander Technique

    • This 2 minute video explains how the Alexander Technique increases self-awareness while teaching one how to change bad habits.

    • This longer video, put out by The British Medical Journal, offers glimpses into Alexander Technique classes and studies evaluating its efficacy.

  • Ideokinesis is a lesser known somatic method which offers easily understood and applicable exercises, images, and suggestions.

  • Authentic Movement is a simple yet deeply powerful eyes-closed movement exploration that investigates the psyche, metaphor, imagination, and the subconscious.

  • Psychotherapist, psychoanalyst, writer and social critic Suzy Orbach is a seminal figure investigating body image, women and physical appearance in her books Fat is a Feminist Issue and Bodies.

  • Food Rules (book by Michael Pollan)

  • The Habit Tracker Journal Ben uses

  • How to make your own habit tracker journal.

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