Ben and Tommy get tested for Covid, go head-to-head in a Christmas Carol battle, and help a listener celebrate a solo New Year’s Eve. 

The Guncles share past relationship regrets, and answer a listener question regarding who receives more prejudice, gay men or lesbians.  Ben’s “Moment of Culture” begins at a Mexican drag party in 1901… 

Gay romantic movies, how long to wait before sex, and how to create an LGBT+ friendly household for your kids.

Writer, filmmaker, and acting coach Anthony Meidl joins The Guncles to answer listener questions, play Generation Gap and discuss his new book and award-winning film.

The Guncles discuss their first crushes.  Tommy helps Ben break through the friendzone while Ben helps Tommy craft a flirty text.  In “The Generation Gap” they test each other’s knowledge of cartoons.

Tommy interviews Ben's sisters.

Ben interviews Tommy’s sisters.

The Guncles answer three listener questions: Can you be not gay enough? How to connect with LGBTQ+ people at college and are women who watch gay porn fetishists? 

The Guncles celebrate gay civil rights hero Bayard Rustin and interview his long time partner Walter Naegle.

The Guncles are joined by Zachary Zane, sex columnist for Men’s Health and self-proclaimed “ethical manwhore."

Thirteen stories about coming out, as told by our listeners.

The Guncles answer a series of questions with two common themes:  Daddies and difficult conversations.

The Guncles give advice to a closeted Christian who’s considering remaining in the closet permanently.  Five LGBTQ+ guests from five different religions share how they reconcile their faith with their sexuality.

How do you reconcile being Christian with being gay?  Father Rico Avila joins The Guncles to answer this difficult question, and shares his outrageous coming out story.                      

Ben and Tommy dive into the drama of the 1973 Gay Pride rally.  The Guncles discuss the growing prevalence of “Golden Gays” and advise a newly-out 52 year old man how to catch up on “missed gay experiences.”

Tommy and Ben interview LGBTQ+ historian Dr. Eric Cervini about his New York Times best selling book, The Deviant’s War: The Homosexual vs. The United States of America.  The Guncles check in on advice they gave each other in previous episodes, and discuss why it’s so scary to make the first move!

The guncles answer a series of questions about body and body image. Tommy presents Mexican-American lesbian photographer Laura Aguilar.

The guncles interview hunky Australian Rugby and Bobsled star, Simon Dunn, about being an out pro-athlete and a gay uncle. Tommy and Ben quiz each other on iconic TV/cinema from their childhood.

Is it safe to subscribe to OnlyFans?  How do you get solo time with your lover when their friends keep getting in the way?  Ben wants advice on bringing someone home to meet the family.  

Tommy and Ben go down the porn rabbit-hole.  Special guest Bruce Merkle presents Guncle of The Week, legendary Hollywood film director George Cukor.

Why are there so many gay men in the arts? Tommy and Ben examine the Generation Gap and discuss the connotations of language surrounding sexuality.

Tommy and Ben discuss the details of PrEP.  The guncles also tackle friends that don't get along, friends that fall in love with friends, and friends that have a bone to pick.

5. PrEP, Lies, and Friends (not the sitcom)

Bonus: Deep Dive with Tommy and Ben

In this extended "Guncle-to-Guncle," Tommy and Ben share some deeply personal stories.

4. Magic Carpets and White Patriarchy

How can we let in the feeling of love? How do gay white men benefit from the Patriarchy? What do the Guncles want for the next generation of Guncles?

3. Homos in the Arts and the Generation Gap

Why are there so many gay men in the arts? Tommy and Ben examine the depths of the Generation Gap.

2. DMs, Radical Faeries, and Burying the Hatchet

Ben gets a lesson about the Radical Faeries. Tommy gets a lesson about DMs. Both uncles explore ways to forgive and move on.

Bonus: Stonewall, F4, and David Scott

A bonus track commemorating the Stonewall Riots. Hear David Scott, a regular at the Stonewall Inn, share his firsthand description of those momentous nights.

1. Shawn Mendes, Gay Tribalism, and Multiple Orgasms

How do you tell your siblings that their kids might be LGBTQ? How do you stop falling in love with unavailable people? What's a rhombus?

Trailer: Introducing Ask Your Gay Uncle

Gay uncles Ben Palacios & Tom Truss introduce their new podcast of advice, antics, tender moments, and tough love.

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