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  • Episode 26 | Ask Your Gay Uncle Podcast

    A VERY COVID CHRISTMAS 00:00 / 01:04 Tags #COVID #HIV #Testing #Holidays #Christmas #NewYears Ben and Tommy travel to Kentucky for family Christmas and get tested for Covid, and explore the similarities Ben shares a memory of a previous family Christmas, which gives Tommy a chance to see himself from Ben The Guncles battle head-to-head with Christmas Carols (why are there so many!?)

  • Episodes | Ask Your Gay Uncle

    Objectification with a side of consent please" Ben and Tommy get tested for Covid, go head-to-head in a Christmas A Very COVID Christmas The Guncles share past relationship regrets, and answer a listener question regarding Daddies, Ultimatums, and the word "Faggot" The Guncles give advice to a closeted Christian who’s considering Religion, part 2: Have your Faith and Eat It Too How do you reconcile being Christian with being gay? Religion, part 1: Gay and Christian?

  • Episode 13 | Ask Your Gay Uncle Podcast

    RELIGION, PART 1: GAY AND CHRISTIAN? FATHER RICO AVILA BREAKS THE BREAD 00:00 / 01:04 Tags #Religion #Christianity #FatherRicoAvila #ComingOut Listener Question: “How do you reconcile one being Christian with one with being gay, if that’s possible

  • Episode 14 | Ask Your Gay Uncle Podcast

    2: HAVE YOUR FAITH AND EAT IT TOO 00:00 / 01:04 Tags #Bible #Exodus #Leviticus #Closeted #Religion #Christianity ComingOut #Escorts #Televangelists #GenerationGap #Faith Share The Guncles give advice to a closeted Christian different LGBTQ+ people of five different religions answer questions about faith and sexuality: an Egyptian Christian

  • Episode 21 | Ask Your Gay Uncle Podcast

    SISTERS TELL ALL, PART 2: BEN 00:00 / 01:04 Tommy interviews Ben’s sisters, Mariana and Christina, to

  • Episode 35 | Ask Your Gay Uncle Podcast

    Tags #GayThePrayAway #ConversionTherapy #Rainbow #ErikaAllison #Religion #Christianity #Guilt #Shame