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    Join gay uncle Ben Palacios and his gay uncle, Tom Truss, in their hit new podcast about relationships Tags #Pride #Acceptance #Pansexual #Nonbinary #Community #Queer #Parade #Family #Connection #Lesbian #Gay COMEDIAN DREW DROEGE, PART 2: "IT'S ON GAY EXECUTIVES" Drew Droege is an actor, writer, and comedian

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    One listener asks about a vigilante Instagram account called “Gays Over COVID” that outs gays for partying Gay Movies with Straight Actors? Experimenting in College and Women Who Watch Gay Porn The Guncles celebrate gay civil rights hero Bayard Religion, part 1: Gay and Christian? Trailer: Introducing Ask Your Gay Uncle Gay uncles Ben Palacios & Tom Truss introduce their new podcast

  • Episode 44 | Ask Your Gay Uncle Podcast

    Previous Episode Previous Episode 44. SELF-WORTH 00:00 / 01:04 The Guncles answer an email from a listener with 5 questions that all revolve around self-worth. This Generation Gap highlights LGBTQ luminaries from Ben and Tommy’s respective generations. Tags #SelfWorth #SelfEsteem #SelfConfidence #Friends #GenerationGap #Mantras #AuthenticMovement Share MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE ​ ​ ​ ​ The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are by Dr. Brené Brown (Amazon ); What to Say When You Talk to Your Self by Dr. Shad Helmstetter (Amazon ); The 21-Day Self-Love Challenge: Learn How to Love Yourself Unconditionally, Cultivate Self-Worth, Self-Compassion and Confidence by Ingrid Lindberg (Amazon ); Love Yourself: 31 Ways to Truly Find Your Self Worth & Love Yourself by Randy Young (Amazon ); Self-Worth Essentials: A Workbook to Understand Yourself, Accept Yourself, Like Yourself, Respect Yourself, Be Confident, Enjoy Yourself, and Love Yourself by Dr. Liisa Kyle (Amazon ); Learning to Love Yourself: Finding Your Self-Worth by Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse (Amazon ). Loving Kindness Meditation ​ May I be filled with loving kindness May I be free from pain and suffering May I be filled with ease May I be filled with joy Repeat three times Then say it again using the name of someone who you don’t like or is your enemy End by saying, May all creatures be filled with loving kindness etc Three other versions of the Loving kindness Meditation: MettaInstitute.org Mindfulness-health-psychotherapy.com Tricycle magazine article Authentic Movement a somatic modality to help you discover your authentic self Barbara Jordan Keynote Address 1976 Democratic National Convention

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    Birthday Doug ​ Drew’s viral Chloe Sevigny impressions Alonso Duraldi’s list: 101 Must See Movies For Gay

  • Episode 45 | Ask Your Gay Uncle Podcast

    Previous Episode Previous Episode 45. MEET PENNYWILD: DJ, CHOREOGRAPHER, AND MUSICAL THEATER NERD! 00:00 / 01:04 Tags #Pennywild #MusicalTheatre #DJ #Pride #Rent #TheArtistsWay #DrewDroege #Jealousy #Dancer Share Tommy and Ben interview PENNYWILD: queer DJ, choreographer, digital marketing producer, and self-proclaimed musical theater nerd! She talks about turning jealousy into inspiration and finding her true self in the entertainment world. In the Generation Gap, Penny and the Guncles dig down the musical theater rabbit hole... but only one of them comes out killing it. Penny highlights RENT as her Moment in Culture. MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE ​ ​ ​ ​ PennyWild on Instagram and Twitter Pennywild.com Article on Billboard – Pennywild Is the Queer DJ Looking to Bring LGBTQ Culture to Mainstream Dance ​ The Artist’s Way NY Times article on The Artist’s Way by Julie Campbell The Hirschfeld Century: Find the “Ninas” New York Historical Society Al Hersfiled article, Drawings by Al Hersfiled

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    Tags #Pride #Acceptance #Pansexual #Nonbinary #Community #Queer #Parade #Family #Connection #Lesbian #Gay

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    COMEDIAN DREW DROEGE, PART 2: "IT'S ON GAY EXECUTIVES..." 00:00 / 01:04 Tags #JohnWaters #Divine #DrewDoege

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    Previous Episode Previous Episode 41. BEN AND TOMMY APOLOGIZE 00:00 / 01:04 Several listeners have written in pointing out hurtful remarks made by Tommy and Ben in previous episodes. The Guncles each apologize, and share their reflections on the harmful nature of their statements. Tommy’s Gauntie of The Week is Sharon Ellison, author, speaker, Founder and Director of the Institute for Powerful Non-Defensive Communication. Tags #NWord #Apologies #Adoption #SharonEllison Share MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ New York Times Article: How the N-word became unsayable Undefeated article: If you truly knew what the N-word meant to our ancestors, you’d NEVER use it Sharon Ellison Gauntie of the week Sharon Ellison’s website: Power of Non-Defensive Communication Description of Sharon Ellison’s book: Taking The War Out Of Our Words: The Art of Non-Defensive Communication

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    Previous Episode Previous Episode 40. GRINDR SCAMMERS! (AND BEN'S EMPATHY HOMEWORK) 00:00 / 01:04 Ben reports on how his “Empathic Sonar” homework is going, Tommy shares how he deals with guys who are trying to scam him on dating apps, and the Guncles answer a listener question about age gaps in relationships. Tags #Daddies #EmpatheticSonar #Empathy #Grindr #DatingApps #OnlineDating Share