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  • Episode 44 | Ask Your Gay Uncle Podcast

    Shad Helmstetter (Amazon ); The 21-Day Self-Love Challenge: Learn How to Love Yourself Unconditionally , Cultivate Self-Worth, Self-Compassion and Confidence by Ingrid Lindberg (Amazon ); Love Yourself: 31 Ways to Truly Find Your Self Worth & Love Yourself by Randy Young (Amazon ); Self-Worth Essentials: Liisa Kyle (Amazon ); Learning to Love Yourself: Finding Your Self-Worth by Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse Loving Kindness Meditation ​ May I be filled with loving kindness May I be free from pain and suffering

  • Episode 4 | Ask Your Gay Uncle Podcast

    MAGIC CARPETS AND WHITE PATRIARCHY 00:00 / 01:04 Tags #patriarchy #race #politics #LGBTQhistory #love #socialaction Share How can we let in the feeling of love? Alan was one of the first trans men to have a hysterectomy in the US (ca 1917) and live the remainder photography in tuberculosis detection, and helped implement TB screening programs that saved thousands of lives

  • Episode 1 | Ask Your Gay Uncle Podcast

    GAY TRIBALISM AND MULTIPLE ORGASMS 00:00 / 01:04 Tags #family #comingout #love #LGBTQhistory Share How How do you stop falling in love with unavailable people? What's a rhombus?

  • Episode 34 | Ask Your Gay Uncle Podcast

    "IT'S ABOUT TWO WOMEN FALLING IN LOVE..." 00:00 / 01:04 One listener tells a story about his young niece being crushed that she wasn’t old enough to watch a French film about two women falling in love… so they even kiss on a battlefield In A Heartbeat , animated short film ~ 4 min, two schoolboys fall in love PG13 The Fosters (Netflix - PG13) ~ TV show Love Simon (PG13) Bend it Like Beckham (PG13) Prom the movie

  • Introducing Ask Your Gay Uncle Podcast

    uncles Ben Palacios & Tom Truss introduce their new podcast of advice, antics, tender moments, and tough love

  • Episode 13 | Ask Your Gay Uncle Podcast

    implores us to be true to ourselves, and shares his outrageous coming out story, in which he fell in love Church, Los Gatos, CA Join Father Rico and his husband William for 9 AM Morning Prayer on Facebook live

  • Episode 5 | Ask Your Gay Uncle Podcast

    The uncles also tackle friends that don't get along, friends that fall in love with friends, and friends

  • Episode 20 | Ask Your Gay Uncle Podcast

    Services Administration: 1-800-662-HELP (4357) 24/7 hotline Extensive list of 12 step recovery groups Sex Love

  • Episode 23 | Ask Your Gay Uncle Podcast

    genesis of his award-winning film “Where We Go From Here”, which explores three different stories about love

  • Episode 32 | Ask Your Gay Uncle Podcast

    One listener needs advice on how to meet her boyfriend’s Trump-loving dad and the stepmom (who blocked