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  • Bonus: Deep Dive | Ask Your Gay Uncle Podcast

    Previous Episode Previous Episode BONUS: DEEP DIVE WITH TOMMY & BEN 00:00 / 01:04 An extended "Guncle-to-Guncle". Tommy and Ben share some deeply personal stories. Tags #boundaries #relationships #personal #stories #cw #tw #triggerwarning #abuse Share

  • Episode 5 | Ask Your Gay Uncle Podcast

    Previous Episode Previous Episode 5. PrEP, LIES, AND FRIENDS (NOT THE SITCOM) 00:00 / 01:04 Tags #PrEP #boundaries #relationships #LGBTQhistory #health #friendships Share Tommy and Ben discuss the details of PrEP. The uncles also tackle friends that don't get along, friends that fall in love with friends, and friends that have a bone to pick with their friends. MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE ​ Listener Questions – PrEP "Is PrEP Right for Me?" Quiz from GET PrEP LA ​ Madin Ray Lopez ​ In Episode 5, listen to present our Queerfam of the Week, . Madin, founder of Project Q and badass community leader, made it their mission to help LGBTQIA homeless youth of color. The ProjectQ Salon and Community Center is a huge force for youth self-empowerment in LA today. “Tenacity speaks louder than circumstances.” -Madin Eva Grenier Madin Ray Lopez ​ Read More: ProjectQ Madin's Instagram

  • Episode 6 | Ask Your Gay Uncle Podcast

    Previous Episode Previous Episode 6. SISSIES, THREESOMES, AND PUPPIES 00:00 / 01:04 The guncles tease apart derogatory words like sissy, poontang, and pecker. Ben considers a threesome. Tags #language #LGBTQculture #threesome #relationships Share

  • Episode 7 | Ask Your Gay Uncle Podcast

    Previous Episode Previous Episode 7. THE PORN EPISODE 00:00 / 01:04 Tags #pornography #relationships #LGBTQculture #sex #erotica #powerdynamics Share Tommy and Ben go down the porn rabbit-hole. Special guest Bruce Merkle presents Guncle of The Week, legendary Hollywood film director George Cukor. George Cukor ​ In Episode 7, hear present #GuncleOfTheWeek, legendary Hollywood film director George Cukor (My Fair Lady, Philadelphia Story, Holiday). Cukor championed women and was a favorite of Katherine Hepburn and Judy Garland. He was also one of the first out gay film directors. Bruce Merkle ​ Read More: The Celebrity Masks of George Cukor by Richard Brody – New Yorker Magazine George Cukor’s Way with Women by Farran Smith Nehme – The Criterion Collection Biography of George Cukor Turner Classic Movies

  • Episode 8 | Ask Your Gay Uncle Podcast

    Previous Episode Previous Episode 8. DATING APPS, ONLYFANS, AND MEETING THE PARENTS 00:00 / 01:04 Tags #onlyfans #boundaries #relationships #LGBTQhistory #family #datingapps What’s the best way to meet people for dating? Is it safe to subscribe to OnlyFans? How do you get solo time with your lover when their friends keep getting in the way? Ben wants advice on bringing someone home to meet the family. Tommy reveals his unusual hair care routine. In “A Moment of Culture” the guncles dig into the truth about Tchaikovsky’s untimely death…. cholera or suicide? Share MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE ​ A Moment of Culture – Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky has a shitload of info on Tchaikovsky and here’s that ends with the author debunking the theory of forced suicide. Tommy personally thinks there are holes in the author's final argument, but read it and decide for yourself! This website a loooong article ​ The Death of Tchaikovsky – Washington Post article. Quick read with excellent info that supports the forced suicide theory. ​ When you need a good cry... . The last piece he ever wrote. Here it is: listen to Herbert Van Karajan conducting the final movement of Tchaikovsky’s 6th Symphony . If you want a REALLY good cry, listen to the last movement of his 6th symphony while checking out humandignitytrust.org This is a brilliant website that shows all the jurisdictions that still criminalize LGBTQ+ people, plus a host of other things. Just scroll over a country and the info pops up.

  • Episode 9 | Ask Your Gay Uncle Podcast

    Previous Episode Previous Episode 9. GAY UNCLE'S DAY, SIMON DUNN, AND BADASS BITCHES 00:00 / 01:04 Tags #SimonDunn #LGBTQathletes #athletes #gayunclesday #cooking #generationgap #film #tv #WalterCronkite #2000s #1970s #LegallyBlonde #BringItOn #MissCongeniality Share Hunky Australian pro-athlete and LGBTQ+ activist Simon Dunn talks about being out in the world of sports, facing failures, and the temptation to sugarcoat reality on social media. Simon is a proud guncle and is credited with popularizing Gay Uncles Day, celebrated this year on Sunday, August 9. Happy Gay Uncle’s Day, everyone! Tommy seeks advice on getting to bed earlier and following a more consistent sleep routine, due to the guidelines of his Ayurvedic dosha. But is consistency and routine actually better than living in the moment? Ben wonders if adhering to strict consistency is the right path for his wild, free-spirited uncle. The Guncles reveal their secret cooking ingredients and favorite songs (Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana and Rufus Wainwright’s cover of Hallelujah). In the Generation Gap, Tommy quizzes Ben on 70s TV. Ben shares his fascination with an early 2000s microgenre of blockbuster movies characterized by empowered, objectified, female leads. Titles include Legally Blond, Charlie’s Angels, Bring it On, and Miss Congeniality. MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE ​ ​ One of Tommy's favorite songs: Carmina Burana, by Carl Orff In case you don’t know Carl Orff, here’s a stunning chronicling how as a secret Jew he lied, manipulated and negotiated his way to safety through Nazi Germany. article ​ One of Ben's favorite songs: Hallelujah, ​ by and covered by the incomparable gay composer and singer . Leonard Cohen Rufus Wainwright Simon Dunn ​ Read More: GiveOUT Australia - Growing the pot of gold for LGBTQ+ people, businesses and organizations. - Australia’s longest running HIV charity whose mission is helping people as individuals. Bobby Goldsmith Foundation – The world’s first community foundation of, by, and for LGBTQ people, Horizons sponsors Give Out Day. Check them out! Give Out Day was created by Horizons

  • Episode 10 | Ask Your Gay Uncle Podcast

    Previous Episode Previous Episode 10. THE BODY EPISODE 00:00 / 01:04 Tags #LauraAguilar #photography #auditorydyslexia #somatics #bodymindcentering #alexandertechnique #socialmedia #instagram #grindr #MichaelPollan #food #bodyimage #sexparties #ageism Share What inspires you to be healthy? What’s the dark side of letting your body image encompass your identity? How do you feel about thirst traps and naked torsos on Instagram and Grindr? Ben and Tommy answer listener questions regarding self care, sex parties with strict body requirements, body image on social media, and their personal relationships to female bodies. Tommy opens up about ageism and feeling invisible in the gay community. The guncles share advice on how to be in touch with your body. Ben shares personal life-hacks for wellness, like using a habit-tracker journal. For “Gauntie of the Week”, Tommy presents Mexican-American lesbian photographer Laura Aguilar. Laura wrestled with auditory dyslexia, obesity, and fitting in with the Lesbian and Chicana communities. She transformed her challenges into evocative art that highlights the underrepresented. MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE ​ ​ Somatics – an excellent introductory article explaining Somatics The Growing Popularity of Somatic Practices – This is one of Tommy’s favorite somatic modalities. He says, “It is mind-blowingly deep, transformative (and slightly esoteric) powerful work!” Body Mind Centering Alexander Technique explains how the Alexander Technique increases self-awareness while teaching one how to change bad habits. This 2 minute video , put out by The British Medical Journal, offers glimpses into Alexander Technique classes and studies evaluating its efficacy. This longer video is a lesser known somatic method which offers easily understood and applicable exercises, images, and suggestions. Ideokinesis is a simple yet deeply powerful eyes-closed movement exploration that investigates the psyche, metaphor, imagination, and the subconscious. Authentic Movement Psychotherapist, psychoanalyst, writer and social critic is a seminal figure investigating body image, women and physical appearance in her books and . Suzy Orbach Fat is a Feminist Issue Bodies (book by Michael Pollan) Food Rules The Ben uses Habit Tracker Journal habit tracker journal. How to make your own Laura Augilar ​ Read More: Lesbian, Latina, Large: The Unapologetic Artwork of Laura Aguilar ~ An Image Gallery by Daniel Hernandez – L.A. TACO Laura Aguilar, Groundbreaking Lesbian Chicana Photographer, Dies at 58 by Yvonne S. Marquez – Autostraddle Laura Aguilar Was a Proud Latina Lesbian, and She Flaunted It by Yxta Maya Murray –Aperture

  • Episode 11 | Ask Your Gay Uncle Podcast

    Previous Episode Previous Episode 11. SHOULDER DEMONS, SEXUAL DEVIANTS, AND DR. ERIC CERVINI 00:00 / 01:04 Tags #drericcervini #lgbtqhistory #thedeviantsworld #hinge #PrEP #DMs #RandyWicker #FrankKa meny #selfesteem #BaynardRustin #BarbaraGittings #EvelynHooker #checkingin #transwomenofcolor #sexualdeviants #sodomylaws #Mars haPJohnson #Sy lviaRivera #thebookloft Share Tommy and Ben record in the same room for the first time since launching Ask Your Gay Uncle! They check in regarding recent advice and goals they gave each other in past Guncle to Guncles. Did Ben have a three-way? Did Tommy send any DMs? What was the outcome of Tommy’s sleep experiment… early to bed and early to rise? Did he find any success on the Hinge dating app? Is Ben on PrEP yet? Is Ben pleased with the outcome of introducing his new “friend” to the family? The Guncles answer all these questions, and unpack why it can be so scary to make “the first move.” is Frank Kameny, an astronomer and seminal Gay rights activist who changed the course of LGBTQ+ history and fought for gay rights decades before The Stonewall Riots. Ben and Tommy interview LGBTQ+ historian Dr. Eric Cervini, author of — The New York Times bestselling account of Frank Kameny’s heroic activism. Cervini and the Guncles also discuss mid-century Sodomy Laws, queer codes, and how the Civil Rights movement inspired and informed the Gay Rights movement. Cervini implores us all to “support our trans women of color, who are victims of violence at a rate 16 times that of anyone else in the country.” Guncle of The Week The Deviant’s War: The Homosexual vs. The United States of America Colors & Sexuality Survey Which most closely represents your sexuality? Asexual Bisexual Gay Lesbian Queer Straight Other Which of the following is closest to your favorite color? Pink Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple White Black Submit Thanks for submitting! Psychologists once asserted that the Homosexual’s favorite color was green… let’s get to the bottom of it. MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE ​ All books recommended and/or referenced by Dr. Eric Cervini can be found on , an independent bookstore. our dedicated page at The Bookloft by Laud Humphreys (which examines impersonal sex in public places) Tearoom Trade, by John D'Emilio Lost Prophet: The Life and Times of Baynard Rustin, , by Michael G. Long I Must Resist, Bayard Rustin's Life in Letters ​ ​ Trans-advocacy organizations Dr. Eric Cervini urges listeners to support: is dedicated to helping trans people who are resisting, grappling with survival, and looking for community. The Marsha P Johnson Institute works to guarantee that all people are free to self-determine gender identity and expression, regardless of income or race, and without facing harassment, discrimination or violence. The Silvia Rivera Law Project Frank Kameny ​ ​Episode 11 special guest is LGBTQ+ historian , author of “The Deviant’s War: The Homosexual vs. The United States of America” — the heroic story of Frank Kameny, our . Frank Kameny was an astronomer and seminal Gay rights activist who changed the course of LGBTQ+ history and fought for gay rights decades before The Stonewall Riots. @EricCervini #GuncleOfTheWeek

  • Introducing Ask Your Gay Uncle Podcast

    Previous Episode TRAILER: INTRODUCING ASK YOUR GAY UNCLE 00:00 / 01:04 Gay uncles Ben Palacios & Tom Truss introduce their new podcast of advice, antics, tender moments, and tough love. Tags #stonewall #riots #history #queerhistory #interview #bonus Share Explore Episodes

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